May 8, 2014

Barbie Mini Skirt Turned Into Shorts

I recently finished working on the whole outfit shown in Barbie Peplum Tank Top (published on HubPages) and decided to split the writing of each pattern into different hubs/blog posts. I tried using a different style of stitch than I normally use, so the writing for just the Tank Top alone was already over 1,000 words.

So for this post, I will be sharing my notes on how to change the Barbie Mini Skirt into a pair of Barbie Shorts. This is the shortest part out of the three (the last one being the Barbie Duffle Bag).

Since I do not want to rewrite the whole pattern, I will only be posting the notes I made on how to go about turning the skirt into shorts and not going more in depth on the stitch patterns I used for the design.


  • Work the same pattern until you reach Round 10, do not turn yet.
  • Ch 8, sk 18 sts, sl st in the next st, turn.
  • First leg:
    • Round 11: Ch 2, (dc, sc) around, join, turn. (26)
    • Round 12: Ch 2, (dc, sc) around, join. (26)
    • Fasten off.
  • Second leg:
    • Follow the same st pattern by working an sc on a dc and a dc on an sc for 2 Rounds to match the First leg. (26)
    • Fasten off.
Now you have finished transforming the Barbie Mini Skirt into a pair of Barbie Shorts. Have fun making this pair of Barbie Shorts for your doll.


  1. Is it possible to follow the decreases in the leggings pattern but use this stitch pattern?

    1. You can change the stitch pattern if you want. You'll just need to tweak the pattern a little during increase/decrease rows, since this stitch pattern requires an even number of increases/decreases at a time to make the pattern look right.

  2. I want to create a pair of leggings/pants with texture