May 8, 2014

Barbie Mini Skirt Turned Into Shorts

I recently finished working on the whole outfit shown in Barbie Peplum Tank Top (published on HubPages) and decided to split the writing of each pattern into different hubs/blog posts. I tried using a different style of stitch than I normally use, so the writing for just the Tank Top alone was already over 1,000 words.

So for this post, I will be sharing my notes on how to change the Barbie Mini Skirt into a pair of Barbie Shorts. This is the shortest part out of the three (the last one being the Barbie Duffle Bag).

Since I do not want to rewrite the whole pattern, I will only be posting the notes I made on how to go about turning the skirt into shorts and not going more in depth on the stitch patterns I used for the design.


  • Work the same pattern until you reach Round 10, do not turn yet.
  • Ch 8, sk 18 sts, sl st in the next st, turn.
  • First leg:
    • Round 11: Ch 2, (dc, sc) around, join, turn. (26)
    • Round 12: Ch 2, (dc, sc) around, join. (26)
    • Fasten off.
  • Second leg:
    • Follow the same st pattern by working an sc on a dc and a dc on an sc for 2 Rounds to match the First leg. (26)
    • Fasten off.
Now you have finished transforming the Barbie Mini Skirt into a pair of Barbie Shorts. Have fun making this pair of Barbie Shorts for your doll.